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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween, & Seven Years Ago Today....

Seven years ago today I got back into magic by answering the call of our pastor to put togehter a booth for Treats without Tricks night. (I wonder if there are any pictures from that night?)I had done some "slum" magic, or trinket magic twenty years prior. It was all boxed up. I dug out the box, put together a small booth, did tricks for the children as they stopped by, handed out some candy, and got the "bug."
It's been all down hill from there!

Happy Halloween to all that enjoy this "holiday."
It was always a fun one for me as a child.
Times going door to door with my brothers and sometimes sisters, age depending. Then as we got older raising some havoc on unsuspecting victims.
I guess it's true what comes around goes around...
We never really attached anything evil to Halloween, we were just in it for the free candy. The more the better!
Yesterday, day before Halloween, I did a magic show for my friends at Farrington Court Senior Center. It is my 7th time performing for them.
Either they like me, or I'm in their budget, or perhaps both!
Since it was my seventh time for them, I decided to change up my show. I decided to give them my children's show. Which I am happy to say went very well. I realize that their is a child in each of us. Some are just buried deeper than others and need more coaxing to reach.
I asked ahead of time if there would be children present. Was told that there would be and so I planned accordingly!
I did some silly bits of magic, at least silly to me. Not having done most of them very often, it was a little awkward, almost like starting over. The great thing is that I am blessed with having a way with people. I have been learning and studying this magical art form for some time now, one of the main themes is "like ability." If you don't have it, you need to get it, if you got it, you need to exploit it. And you need to be liked within the first 30 seconds or so. Well, I already have a slight rapport with these people so doing my "New" show was probably accepted better than at a different venue!
I found out a lot about magic and myself at this show. It's very important to have your chops down, and it's not so much about the magic, it's a lot about entertaining the folks. Being up beat and positive. It helps a lot if you know your tricks inside and out. Since this was a new show for me, some of the effects were rather... hmmm... shall I say they just weren't as polished as I would have liked.
Nothing major bad happened, didn't miss anything, just wasn't as well oiled, or ran as smoothly as will be next time.
Still, I think on the whole everyone went home with love and laughter in their hearts!

Later that evening...
Our daughter attended her first Homecoming Dance.
She was asked out by several boys and selected a nice young man named Brandon.
Brandon's mother came to our home and we took some pre dinner pictures.

They went to the Keg Restaurant, enjoyed the dance and went out for ice cream at Shari's after.
Katie was beaming and looked absolutely beautiful!
That's because she is!


Blogger Gerry said...

Happy Halloween Tim, We will be taking out Kids out tonight for trick or treats, as our church already had their "Harvest Festival" on Friday, so we are now free on this night. We don't celebrate the occult type stuff on Halloween, just the dress up and candy part. I think it's great that you entertain the seniors, we will all get to that age someday, Hopefully.
Have a nice Sunday.

11:33 AM  

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