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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Oh, All the Trouble I've seen

Life is all about learning, growing up and taking charge of your own life.
I received a call today, about three hours ago from our 26 year old son living in Boulder... I said "how you doing you cop runner..." There was a slight chuckle on the other end... guess It wasn't too funny...
I had asked my wife earlier if she had heard from Ryan or Eric. she told me yes, in fact she was on the phone with Ryan, when he said to her, " I gotta go, there's a policeman behind me." In other words he was being pulled over for something.
Well, that was the reason for my "funny" comment.
Well turns out Ryan was calling from the Boulder Colorado County jail.
He had an outstanding warrant because awhile back he had been pulled over for a tail light out. Turns out he had an expired insurance card. Actually he had insurance, just hadn't replaced the expired one in the glove box. Sound familiar to anyone?
So, he was supposed to provide proof of insurance to some county court. He let it slide. He was mailed particulars but had not changed the address on his license so he never got the notices... fast forward to today.
Pulled over because of an outstanding warrant, hand cuffed,finger printed. Calling his parents at age 26 needing bond money of $1500.
Good people minding their own business. Getting caught up in nothing except the inability to take care of the particulars. Those particulars coming back to bite you hard in the ass.
I don't want to whine here, but c'mon...
I know how rough of a time he must be going thru, having to humble yourself to call your "rents' at his age. Embarrassment all around, being hand cuffed.
I guess he'll have a story to tell.


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