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Monday, September 27, 2010

Portland Magic Jam

Last Friday morning I got off work at 6 am.
Tried to sleep for a few hours and hit the road to Portland, only challenge I had was getting some sleep. It didn't happen. I left for Portland around 12 noon...
It was a difficult drive. I was tired and hurting, my neck has been bothering me, my lower back was hurting, and I had an upset stomach. I don't get sick very often, but I think some food I ate a two am didn't agree with me. I felt like vomiting several times, kept a bag near me as I drove. It was rough!
I got to P{Portland in one piece, and around five pm, my stomach began to feel better!
I hooked up with my friend and fellow Magi G.G. Green. Him and I shared a room.
Friday night was a fun night as magician and friend Rick Anderson emcee'd the event.
As I go and watch these events, my respect goes way up for people with the ability to not only do magic, and do it well, but to also emcee and event like this. I once thought it would be easy to emcee, but now I realize how difficult it really is. My hat goes off to Rick, I thought he did a great job.
It was a long weekend and my brain is still unpacking everything. I cannot recall exactly the order of events... but Another friend, Jeff Evans did a wonderful 20 minute piece of magic. Twelve year old Matt Wells did a very nice set as well.
Doc Eason did his lecture Friday night and it was mostly about connecting with your audience, and the why's, and how fors of doing that.
I entered the Parlor contest only because there were so few entrants. I had my linking rings with me so I figured I could do that. I awoke at about 3 am and it crossed my mind to do few easy things to enhance my "set." I did the one finger clap as an opener and followed that with a six card repeat effect, ending with the Legend of the Five Mystic rings.
I did not finish "in the money." But I felt my performance deserved second place.
I again lost to 12 year old Matt Wells. He did a nice set with rope and cards. I think This time I got snookered by the "age" factor. Not a big deal, but I was told by someone that children should have to compete in their own competition as they get "extra" props just because they are kids. They get cut some slack that an older performer doesn't get. It was brought to my attention that it is only natural to not judge them only on performance. I watched his set, and I too was caught up in his being a child.
I was told my set was good by many people, so I am not going to stress over it.
I had a wonderful time and hopefully made some new friends, and cemented one as well.Daryl Easton is a fantastic magician. Very smooth. I would like to perform like him!
So, here I am performing for a young magic fan!
His mom asked me to "do it in his hands," as I had "done it" for his sister!
I like getting down on their level!
Had a very nice surprise at the Jam. I met a fellow in March in Las Vegas at the World Magic Seminar, his name is Fred King. We struck up a friendship. Been doing a lot of emailing and mailing of videos back and forth.
Fred just appeared out of no where. He got a big kick out of surprising me. Here is Fred with a masterful magician, Whit "Pop" Hadyn.Other head liners at this event included Doc Eason, and Wayne Houchin.
According to Wayne:
If it's to be, it's up to me!
Wayne gave a special, off the cuff lecture about promoting yourself. The main idea is, if you are waiting to "be discovered." it ain't going to happen. If you want to make something of your magical self. YOU have to do it, whatever it takes, Website, phone calls, follow ups etc.
He said a lot of bad magicians are making a lot of money, and a lot of great magicians aren't!
I couldn't agree more!


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