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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

First Massage

Today my wife and I went in to a message clinic. It is my first massage by a "professional" ever. It was pretty nice!
We had to meet with a doctor first, he felt me all over looking for what? He asked me if I had any specific areas of concern. I mention the right back side of my neck has been bothering me. I think it is strained because of the work I do. I have been backing airplanes up for many years. I look over my right shoulder a lot. Sometimes I do this to the point of seriously stretching my neck. I think it has caused this pain. So I had a nice one hour massage.
A few days later on Saturday my lower back began to hurt. It hurt when I bent over. Like a muscle spasm, felt like knocking the wind out of me except there is no wind there? Today is now Saturday a week later and my back is finally feeling almost back to it's old self. I have never had any serious back problems. The occasional muscle spasm after baseball season, but never anything serious. My right foot has been feeling rather warm and tingly as well. Kind of like blood rushing to it. I am wondering if the massage opened up some what? Some capillaries to allow better blood flow?
I have never been to a chiropractor before. I first felt that they might make things worse. I don't like people cracking my back or manipulating my bones. I am of the school of thought, "if it ain't broke.... don't fix it."
I will admit that the massage did make my neck feel better. Not completely but still better.


Blogger Gerry said...

Hi Tim, I've had neck problems for years myself. I go to the Industrial massage guy who comes into work for it. Seems to help quite a bit. Also, were switching back to Selections medical insurance, (which does cover 12 massage visits a year)as you no longer have to get referrals from your Primary care DR. for everything. At only $54.39 a month for a family and no deductibles, I think we'll come out ahead, since they cover most things at 100% instead of 95%. Have a nice weekend!

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