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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

That's Impossible

That's Impossible is a magical event held once a month at Egan's Ballard Jam House in Ballard.
I went to the event last night to watch some magic. Specifically to watch a woman named Crystal Sinclair.

She is a street performer from the far Northern corner of Washington state.
She learned her skills as street entertainer from the likes of Slydini and Jim Cellini.
My magic Mentor and teacher is Tom Frank. He also learned from Cellini so I was excited to go see Crystal perform.
I arrived at Egan's about 6:35 for the 7pm performance. Tony Comito emceed the event, and like always, he is an excellent emcee.
He is a very good magician as well!
Tony did some magic and then handed the stage off to another performer, his name is...Darrell Fisher. He was a very comedic performer. Darrell is a corporate entertainer and graciously shared his magic with us even though he recently suffered a tremendous loss. His mother passed away three days before this event. My condolences Darrell, and thank you for sharing your wonderful magic with us.
But I came to see Crystal.

She did a very nice job of entertaining everyone. I stayed for the second show as I couldn't see driving an hour to home and staying for a half hour, and then driving to work.
I was disappointed in the amount of people who were at the 9 P.M. show... only about 7 of us.
I spoke with Tony about this and he may have to go to only one show. We thought perhaps it is the winter night time thing, what with the sun going down around 6 P.M.
I was invited up onstage with Crystal during her 2nd performance to be her helper during her sword thru neck routine. We had some fun with it as you can see.
Sponge balls, Cut and restored rope, Linking rings, cups and balls, card routines... but mostly it was Crystal's relaxed way of doing magic that I will take home with me.
I wish i could just go and watch as a layman again, I have this challenge when watching magic that I am always in "learning" mode. Not necessarily a bad thing, just wishin.'


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