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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Cub Scout Motto: Always be Prepared

Last night, because of the snow, I had to pick my daughter up from a friends home. It was about five miles away in Ravensdale... Cool name, sounds like a wooded, secluded place... and it is!
Four wheelin' all the way there!
I found the home easily, rang the door bell... no one answered. I thought maybe the "chime" is upstairs or somehwere where the occupants of the home weren't able to hear it. In our home the chime is upstairs, if we are down stairs watching T.V. We don't always hear the door bell... So I knocked. I noticed a nice fire burning in a wood stove near the entry way, a voice called out from upstairs to "come on up." it was the wife/mother of the house. All of a sudden about seven young people converged on me asking me to do some magic... whoa Nelly, I think I had been set up! haha... Okay, give me a minute. My hands were still cold from the 10 degree weather we are enjoying!!!
I stalled a few minutes by meeting and greeting people, handed someone a deck of playing cards, took off my jacket and proceeded to do the crazy man's hand cuffs as an opener. It went extremely well. Now I had em where I wanted em... I pulled out a jumping gem rod and did the jumping gems routine for them. The nine year old son, named Montana, loved it.( So did others) He was sitting on the floor directly in front of me. (Afterward he wanted to know where he could get a set!)
Then I got into some nice card work, opening with The Biddle trick, it wowed them, and I moved into One Eyed Jack Sandwich which I use to teach people about poker and one eyed jacks are wild. It also get's me a signed card that I then use in Paperclipped... Now they are all shocked... I figured that was a nice little set of magic and decided to collect my daughter and go home.
As I reached the bottom of the stairs... I realized there was a set of twin boys, probably age 15-16... They had been real quiet during all the magic, so I asked them if I could do something for them? They agreed, and now everyone was standing around on the stairs etc. I did Card in Box whereby their chosen card is the only one standing in the box held by them after several futile attmpts by me to find it. Truly a magical experience which happens in the spectators hands...

As we were driving home my daughter received a text message on her cell phone. It was from one of the twins, it said, "That was amazing. I still don't know how any one of those tricks worked. My mind is blown."
-Kenny Humble.
The twins were sort of behind me to my right during all that I performed, kind of shy and hanging back. My daughter told me later that she was worried that they might "see" something from their vantage point. I assured her... there was nothing to see, and his text confirmed it!
I love magic and enthralling people.
What a great gift!


Blogger John said...

Great job Tim... sounds like you had fun

9:43 AM  
Blogger Gerry said...

Magic is good any time!

12:39 AM  

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