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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

LMAO At Myself...And Soft Coins-Finally

I recently have begun working with flash paper for a few magical effects. Flash paper is special paper that looks like tissue paper but burns immediately upon contact with a spark or a flame. It is beautiful stuff. The idea is to roll some up into a small ball and light it, toss it in the air or into your other hand and something magical will appear in it's place. I have been using it to produce a coin. The funny thing to me is that when I light it, it burns so brightly, so quickly and there is this little "Whoosh" sound so it startles me. This is causing my heart to leap in my chest and drop the coins to the floor. I am getting a kick out of this. And I get a bonus effect where I get to smell burning hair as the hair on my knuckles gets singed! I only wish I could be a fly on the wall watching myself. I would be laughing hysterically!
Ever since I got involved in magic and watched my mentor Tom Frank work with coins, he has used something known in magic circles as "Soft Coins." His silver dollars are well worn and have a tinge of dirt on them. In other words they look old and magical.
I thought it would be good to get nice shiny old coins that still have a lot of edge work on them.
I recently got some nice soft silver dollars from my wife, quite unexpectedly. They were in her fathers safe deposit box. I think there were about 40 silver dollars in all. I asked if I could see them. Much to my delight and surprise, I found two nice sets of worn silver dollars. One set consists of five Peace dollars.
These are from the years 1922-1928. and the set I really like is the set of five coins ranging from 1879-1899. The reason I like the older set is because they look and feel older, they are more worn, hence, "Softer."
They slide smoother and quieter, talk less and as I play with them,I get a nice smile inside of me. I know it is pretty weird to understand if you do not do magic, but to me, they are fantastic. A little piece of magic heaven!

I find it rather comical that I am not interested in the value of them as silver. I think they cost about 25 dollars each at present. That would mean this is about five hundred dollars worth of silver. I am not sure which set will get more usage. I really do not need them both. I am just a little greedy!
I feel liek I just got a nice bump in the game of monopoly, except it's for real and feels so much nicer. Everytime I handle the coins I get a little elated.
Like a child with a new baseball glove. I guess that is to mean I am cherishing them in an odd sort of way! I just like looking at them, the sound of them as I drop them onto each other. They are truly beautiful! They have character!


Blogger Gerry said...

Neat! Careful with that paper :)

11:48 PM  
Blogger Timmy Jimmy said...

Haha, right E Oh Gerry!

3:14 AM  
Blogger tlucrisia said...

YES these coins are VERY BEAUTIFUL! I'm an old coin collector. I don't purposely go out and purchase them, I just run across them sometimes going to bead shows, and such! I love foreign coins. In my travels to Italy I have brought some home. Tim's silver dollars are very lovely. I agree with you Tim that the value is not what is important, it's the beauty, and the pleasure you get out of playing with them, and doing your MAGIC with them. I too love the sound the coins make as you are doing your Magic Tricks.. By the way a VERY COOL MAGIC TRICK.. It's not weird! either! It's MAGIC... it's you! and it's WONDERFUL!! Keep Wowing us! =)

8:19 PM  
Blogger Timmy Jimmy said...

I will Merry Terri!

11:47 PM  

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