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Friday, December 31, 2010

Spending Time...

Yesterday I drove to North Bend to spend some time, interesting when you think about the word "spend" and "time." We spend money on things, and time is often mentioned as money, as in..."time is money." Anyway, I did, I spent some time with my buddy Mark Jensen yesterday at his home. I love having a four wheel drive vehicle. The drive was beautiful as the roads leading to Marks' home were magically transformed with a blanket of white!

We talked things magical, drank coffee, entertained each other and basically just enjoyed one another's company!
I value my time with Mark, so it is time well spent! So often we spend our time unwisely, just as we spend money unwisely.
For some reason Mark is one of the people that always uplifts me and my magical endeavors. From the very first time we met, he has always been a positive influence on me and for me. Maybe that is why I value spending time with him!? :)
Mark is someone that always puts up with my quirks and my endeavors to grow as a magician. He never fails to allow me to "show" him something new. He is a rare magician that can watch an effect that I do and watch it as a non magician would and at the same time, see it as a magician would too.
He has a child like quality that never fails to come out when I perform something for him!


Blogger Gerry said...

Sounds like a nice time Tim. You're right about time. As I get older and see more people pass on, I value the time I have a lot more. Too bad we have to spend so much of it at work.

1:39 PM  

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