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Monday, February 07, 2011

Martin Lewis Lecture

I debated for a couple weeks if I would attend the Martin Lewis lecture Saturday, what swayed me to go was an email from my friend Mark Jensen.
I am not sure how much I got from the lecture. Martin Lewis is a wonderful magician and a good teacher of magic.
I really like his presence magically.
He went thru most of the things he has invented or is presently selling.
I purchased his Lecture notes c.d. and his Business Cardiographic dvd. It is a nice way to hand out your business card to someone, very magical, a miniature Cardiograph.
I am looking forward to a couple of things from the lecture notes c.d.
particularly his torn & restored cigarette paper and the Crystal Gazing routine he does.
After the lecture Mark Jensen and I went and enjoyed dinner at Sean O'Donnell's.
The real meat of the evening came when Mark and I were alone, outside, standing by our cars talking magic and life. I think we must have chatted for an hour.
I had a good day!


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