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Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Egg Table

A work in progress...
As our lives are. A constant evolving, changing thing... As Ideas come, we ponder, poke, and prod, discard and keep.
I built this table
a few years ago for my original Kamado "egg." Or Hibachi as my wife likes to call it. The original was a clay one from Japan that her father brought home from his many travels abroad. It sat in his garage for 40 years until we unearthed after his death. The elements were not kind to it and It began to crumble. I tried valiantly to save it, but alas, putting Humpty Dumpty back together again did not work.
So I sold something to buy something, you might say it was a trade... anyway we have a New "egg" and the table had some burn marks on it and I decided it would be nice if I covered it with porcelain tiles.
So here is my friend Jay Brunner
helping me with that project.
We needed to cover the table with some special "wood." Actually cement board.
Then we have to glue the tiles to the board after measuring and cutting to fit!


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