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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A New Mentor!

I have submitted myself to the tutelage of a master magician recently.
I am ready to make my magic Elegant.
Will I put in the work required? I don't know, I am kind of lazy, and I have many excuses not too. Work, family, T.V. other hobbies etc. etc.
This mentor is amazing. He is the greatest sleight of hand man I have ever seen. I am hoping that he will rub off on me by osmosis. Too bad that will not work.
It will take hard work, time and effort.
He busts my chops every time I am with him. He tells me to "take the boxing gloves off Tim."
At first this annoyed and hurt me, I thought I was doing fairly well, (And I am) but by whose standards?
My biggest challenge will be to honor his time and effort into my magical life. He has me working on several card tricks that require many different sleights. They are not easy to do and require finesse to make it look as if nothing is taking place. I look forward to the future and my growth as a magi.


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