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Thursday, December 20, 2012


Last Monday I was blessed to be able to work magically with my mentor Steve Dobson. I secured a gig for Weidner Apt. Homes. We performed strolling magic for 2 hours at Maggiano's Italian Restaurant in Bellevue.
I learned a lot from Steve this day! Plan to arrive about an hour into their function. Not at the beginning. People are meeting and greeting, finding their tables, wanting to schmooze each other when they first arrive. They are not interested in YOU asking them if they want to see a trick! Also, count the number of tables and chairs. Figure out how many people are going to show up so you can try to plan an amount of time at each table. Speaking of that, it dawns on me as well something else Steve mentioned... by arriving an hour into the event, people will be seated and most of the tables will be full rather than three at this table five here, and so on. That way you won't be interrupted by new arrivals coming to join a table that you are working and the magical effect broken as people get up to shake hands etc. Another important thought he shared with me is to choose your first table carefully! I thought it simple to just start at one corner of the room, Steve at the opposite one, and go about it. Well I chose the wrong table and this sets the tone. I had a very tough man that wanted nothing to do with magic, and Steve chose a table by observing all the tables and looking for one where some people are already jovial. Great Lesson!!!


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Blogger GypsyMama said...

Ah I will show this to hubs, who loves magic. The staging is so important. I always wondered about the strategies comedians use to choose their 'helpers' from the audience. Do you have helpers and if so how do you pick them?

10:03 PM  
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