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Sunday, December 02, 2012

Lots To Learn

This post is out of order sequentially, it was in my saved file and when I hit post, this is where it posted.

I realize it has been months since I last posted here..
Well here goes.!
I had a wedding show last Saturday.
I was told there would be some children there.
Was I good with children? I replied that I am good with children.
I love children! Ha ha.
I got the gig. It was about 40 miles away in Mill Creek. I was hired to do my stand up show while the bride and groom were off getting there pictures taken after being married!
A wonderful Idea. I thought I would be able to perform for everyone as they waited about an hour for the bride and groom to arrive.
The room set up was horrible. Round tables set about a square dance floor. I was set up in a point of the floor so that a door was at my back for a magical purpose later.
I entertained five children with a quick Bird Catcher paddle trick, the children really enjoyed it... shouts of "Do that again!" always let me know it was good!Then I invited them to come sit on the floor about five to ten feet in front of my table.
Adults were invited to join and come in for a closer look as well, but none of them moved. I told them it is a great show, I've seen it a hundred times... not much response from them.
So I began my show with the one finger clap I do to warm up a crowd. Few joined in but it gave me an idea of who would be willing to join in the magical fun.
I noticed a lot of people out in the hallway, I invited them into the room for the show. They were all lined up signing the guest book.
After the warm up I launched into the vanishing silks routine, it was good, many gasps. The children wanting to see it again. I moved on to the Chinese sticks. This I hoped was large enough to draw some attention to me from the depths of the room. It had the desired affect, but only for a few people. What was going on? How am I going to reach these people!?
I was "miked" up, and still struggling to get to them. I started the Acrobatic Knot routine and lost them. I almost threw in the towel. I actually contemplated saying, "hey, gotta run" and boogeying on outta that place. I didn't need the money that bad...
I kept working, obviously struggling. A few adults, about five or six were enjoying the show.. The Cut and Restored Rope/Professors Nightmare got a few interested, by now the children had scattered and returned... I was living in my own nightmare by now...
Had someone come up and help with a card trick, Lassoing a Card, it went well, well enough I suppose, the woman was having fun, I brought up another woman to help with the floating Card, Linking Rings was next, still, the crowd was spread out to far, I thought about moving to the center of the dance floor, or at least up about ten feet, but that door behind me was needed for a reveal of the bride in a little while.. Vanishing Bandana, Grand Father's Famous Bag Trick and Cups and Balls.
I never finished the Cups and Balls and the Groom arrived in mid Cups... Mid Cups and Balls that is...I was about two minutes from my closing effect being finished, man was I glad to wrap it up, although I had decided to produce large lemons for the first time, never got to them!
The groom and I did a nice effect where he wrapped himself up in a nice large cloth, and his new bride appeared in his place. It was pretty good, even though her dress showed beneath the curtain a bit.
They enjoyed it and I was free to pack up.
I packed up and loaded my car with my stand up show and proceeded to entertain table to table with some close up magic. This went a bit better as I could actually engage some people.
I had planned with the bride and groom a special piece of magic which I performed for the,
I hope it was enough. This piece went really well and I think they were very happy with it.
I hope someone tells them some good things about me as they did not get to see the show.
What can I learn from this?
I was told by the D.J. that it was not my fault, that parents should control their kids.
That "You" did the best you could under the circumstances.
Still. I feel it is my responsibility to know what EXACTLY I am getting into and be more prepared. I am going to put together two suit cases of shows. A children's case with things like Magic Coloring Book, Needle Thru Balloon, Learn a decent Sponge Ball routine. Work on getting good at a few Balloon Animals. Not that I want to become a children's magician. But it doesn't hurt to be well rounded.
I need to ask more and better questions from potential clients as well. This is something I am generally afraid to do and yet I think it will make me be perceived as a better informed professional. Yes, that makes sense!
I recently told an audience that an entertainer is only as good as his audience. Well this was proved again to me at this show. While I take full responsibility for the "lack" in this show because I failed to ask enough questions to ascertain EXACTLY what was wanted of me... the audience needs to become a participant in the festivities as well.
A symbiotic relationship must occur between the performer and his audience.A give and take relationship. It is a "Yin& Yang" thing.
It didn't happen this time, but when it does, real magic happens.
It is a true blessing to everyone when the connection is made and held.


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