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Sunday, December 02, 2012

I'm Back

Well Hello! Ya it's been awhile, not much, how about you? Actually it has been a very interesting time of late. Lots of magic, lots of magical growth and well, just growing as a human being at the age of 53.. I know, when did that happen! :) I had two magic shows over the weekend and they have prompted me to begin thinking about writing here again. So much Face Book going on and it is really becoming draining... So here goes. Friday night I performed my stand up show for a company gathering for their annual get together. The company is called Luton, and the make and distribute light switches and such. The show was in their offices building in Downtown Seattle. I arrived early and met my contact. She was a very nice woman named Michelle. We hit it off right away. She showed me where she wanted me to set up and so I did. It was such a small gathering of people I decided that I didn't need to "mic" myself... that was my first (and only) mistake! My wife joined me on this occasion and it was a good thing as I had lots to carry in. Michelle had the evening planned and the order of events, but as often happens, the best laid plans of mice and men do not often go according to plan. The guests were late in arriving and so her plans to feed people before my show were changed, which of course changed my plans. Michelle asked if I could start early? This was not a problem, but it did kind of change the way I was thinking of "going into" my show. In my mind I had thought that I would be able to warm people up to me with a few minutes of strolling magic. This plan was now changed. I began to realize that this group was pretty loud and so I hurried to set up my microphone system. Good thing too. I am learning to trust my judgement more as I venture forth magically! My set list included: 1 finger clap T. T. Silks Acrobatic Knot Cut & Restored Rope with Professors Nightmare ending Teleportation Device Lassoing a Card Vanishing Bandana Egg Bag Wellington Switch Board Linking Rings, and Cups & Balls This is the order that eventually happened. I had a really tough time figuring out my order of effects. As I practiced my show... I tried the cups and balls in an earlier position, but found that it cluttered my table for anything after. I had thought that Teleportation Device would be my closer, but it turned out to be fine right there at the end of the opening set or so... Also, I had originally place the Linking Rings before the Wellington Switch Board, but forgot the Rings until I had already done the Switch Board and noticed them resting up against my buskers pouch for the Cups and Balls. In my mind I made a quick decision, should I do the rings or skip em? I decided to go with it and perform the Linking Ring routine right before the cups and balls. I had always assumed this was not a good place for them, But I think now it was pretty good. All ent well and I met some really great people!


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