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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Fish 2, Flynn's zero

Yep, another day out on the choppy waters of Puget Sound...Katie and I left the Redondo Launch at about 4:40 A.M... The water beat my daughter and I up a bit as we headed to a new fishing ground... Dolphin Pt. Different place, same results. We started trolling at Pt. Beale towards Dolphin Pt. Not having ever fished at Dolphin Pt. I wasn't sure exactly where it was. Well we found it and nine other boats. We got there about 6:15 or so and didn't see any fish caught. No action whatsoever! We gave up at about 8:45... Headed back to the boat launch in the thick fog. Sure am glad I got a Lowrance fish finder/GPS... made finding my way back slick as can be... Saw an interesting log on the way back, actually it turned out to be the top half of a farmer John wetsuit... picked it up and threw it in the boat...
Gotta have something to show for my efforts!!!
Another beautiful day on the water, the smell in my boat is starting to get a little nauseaus. Smells like SKUNK!


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