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Monday, August 28, 2006

Actin Out!

For many years now I have been going to the little church down the road! Actually it is now quite far from my home as we moved 14 years ago but still go to the same church as it is where my church family is... I enjoy the people there. They are not perfect but are just everyday people like me that believe in the resurrection power of Jesus Christ! I have been privileged to have been involved in many of the church plays we've put on. Mainly at Christmas and of course at Easter as well. I thought you might enjoy seeing me in some of the characters. Generally I am type cast as the bad guy, Pontius Pilate, the pharisees, Satan and the like.... Somebody has to do it. In addition to the many plays, I have been involved in many skits too. I really enjoy participating in this way. It is a shame that as a high schooler, I was under the influence of peer pressure and so did not join the choir nor the drama teams. I really enjoy these activities but ran with the crowd that thought of them as "sissy." Anyway, a different look!


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