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Friday, August 25, 2006

Fishing Report

Started fishing at Redondo at about 5:30... calm water, smooth as glass... started with the blue and yellow squid, only because it was already rigged to a flasher...lots of bait fish on top of water, marked fish early, had two or three shakers, and a couple of 2-3 lb. blackmouth that had to be released... At 9:20 I was trolling down by the "dead tree" where we used to put our crab pots. Had a tremendouse release on the down rigger, the rod was slammed and then sticking straight up, I leapt for it, thinking Yeah, right, probably just popped off or snagged, but lo and behold it was a nice Blackmouth of 15 lbs. Fought great, stayed down deep and peeled lots of line, a perfect fight as it was tired when it got to the boat, I was ecstatic! 55 feet with the pearl squid... It was a nice hen, heavy laden with two beautiful skeins of Salmon Roe, I took the Roe and cut it open and cured it for later use to fish with after the Salmon rin up the rivers!
Will be fishing agian in the morning! Wish me luck!


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