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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Got the STINK out!

Fished today with my friend Ed and daughter katie. We eschewed the "get up early" fishing action, and I got five hours of sleep. (that's a lot for me of late!) Got up early at 11 am and went and picked up my friend. We fished in lake Washington at about 2pm to 3:30 and my wife called on the cell phone so we talked her into coming down and joining us!
We got two Sockeye today and two that were hooked and fighting escaped with their lives.... The day was nice! Less boats and catching fish, enjoying time with loved ones, the radio playing "that forgotten song"!!!
I would like to fish tomorrow as well but am going to a magic session at my friend Scoty Walshs' home. I am looking forward to seeing him and his girlfriend Gina.
Fishing Friday though... gotta go while the fish are present!
pictures are of....
Me and My 16 foot boat.... our catch!


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