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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Smelly boat trip!

That smell your nose is tired of smelling is the awful, dreadful smell of skunk! Yep, no fish again, and no hitbites or snags... I fished with my neighbor from 5 am to close to 10 am. not a hit at all... saw some caught, seemed everyone I asked said 75 to 80 feet and had two fish...Mostly with red hooks, heard a story about a guy who put two 00 dodgers together on his line and a silver special 20, he caught 3 in ten minutes. My friend was an eye witness...I am going tomorrow in the lake with my friend Ed and Katie at 1 pm. hey, who needs to get up early?Didn't work today!
First thing I did wrong besides actually go fishing was to try to put my friends down rigger down in the dark! He has Scotty downriggers and they are manual. I was not prepared for how fast the 15 pound ball was going to descend into the black depths of the lake, I tried to engage the braking system but was too late, the ball was traveling too fast and the abrupt stopping apllied caused the ball to snap his wire cable... so I owe him a new downrigger ball and line catch release... these fish I haven't yet caught are getting more expensive all the time!!!
Funny thing is this chowder head is going to keep banging his head against the wall until he either drops from exhaustion or catches fish...


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