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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Got out on the lake at about 5 A.M... a nice glassy lake, boat launch crowded, people all trying to catch the Sockeye Salmon... A longer season than expected. more fish than expected. It is interesting to see where people go intheir boats, makeing you wonder if you ae fishing in the right spot. We didn't catch any today, we had a nice one on, it surfaced, danced for ahile and then spit the hook, that was at 8:30... we fished til 10. The Blue Angels began practicing for this weekends Seafair event. It was pretty sweet being on thelake with them flying overhead!
After fishing, my daughter and I pulled over and walked the Cedar River walk, it was a nice pleasant time together, picking black berries, wattching rabbits hopping about and looking for the Sockeye running up the river. We saw only one fish, so we think they are milling about in the lake waiting for the first good rain to come and spook them up the river.. Got home and to bed around 1pm, a long day, about 24 hours between sleeps....


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