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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Frustration factor

Man am I bummed, angry, evious, just plane ticked off...
Fished yesterday at Pt. Robinson with my daughter. I want so badly for her to catch fish. Never before have I had this kind of luck fishing. 4th day in Puget Sound and haven't yet had a true hook up. had a nice pop off today, but no hook up. Fished from 5:30 am to 7 am at Robinson, didn't see many fish taken so we pulled up the down riggers and headed to the Redondo side of the bay, saw some fish taken and had our pop off. We stopped fishing at 9:30 am because I have to get some sleep sometime. My friend Dan the fisherman, who has been slaying them for the past two weeks hadn't had a bite either, He picks his grandkids up at 9am and heads back out. This day he decides to stay on the Redondo side and yep, here's his story...
"I started fishing Point Robinson shortly after 5:00 AM and I quit a little after 9:00 AM. I didn't get a hit. Not one!!! Just little shakers. I went back to the dock to pick up the boys. I thought I would fish Redondo and see if the boys could catch a silver. At 11:00 AM we hadn't had a hit and J"____wanted to go home. I told him we would troll back to the dock and go home. After all I was tired and we hadn't gotten a hit all day. B"____ got a hit on his pole and he caught a 16 pound king. J"____ still wanted to go home. I told him we would keep trolling toward the dock and if he caught a fish then we would quit and go home. B's pole got another hit and it was J"___'s turn to catch a fish. J"____ caught a 20 pound king. I couldn't talk J"____ into staying any longer. Right in the middle of a great king bite we went home..........
He sends me pictures too which makes it feel even worse, these two little chowder head grandkids with fish as big as themselves!!! :)
I've been fishing the same water, the same gear and the same depths and not a hit. I like to catch lots of salmon to smoke and give away. In past years it has been rather easy, just keep your line in the water and sooner or later you get a strike or two. Not this season. I love my daughter and am afraif that this non catching might sour her on fishing... Frustrating! AARRGHH!
I got invited out to go Sockeye fishing today on my neighbors boat. Hope I don't jinx his boat!
Wish me luck!


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