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Monday, September 11, 2006

Belated from Labor Day

I had this in my "Drafts" folder, I was waiting for some pictures to put on here but I heard they all turned out blurry... so here goes...

Wow! Had to go to work just so I could RELAX! Haha..
Got out of bed at 4 p.m. Thursday. I wanted to sleep til 8 pm, but My wife had other plans for me. Our sons' friend Johnny was coming over for dinner. Tonight was his night because we promised him a nice meal before heading off to Iraq. He had a ten day leave before deployment. Johnny and my son went to school together from Kindergarten through senior year, They were best friends on and off as is often the case... Both became Marines, heading in different directions. Be well, be safe Johnny. We are praying for you!
Johnny Bobgan farewell dinner!
Went to work Thursday night at 11 pm and after work at 6 am. My wife and I headed to Ocean Shores to spend a couple days with our friends Dale and Jean...We arrived about 2:30 in the afternoon and drove over to Westport for a bit of beach fun and lunch. We found a charter boat that was selling fresh Albacore Tuna. We bought about 30 pounds, cooked some up for dinner and froze the rest, I smoked about 15 pounds Monday morning.... I got to bed Friday night at 11:30 pm...That's about a 31 1/2 hour run of wakefulness,(yawn) only to be awakened by Dale for a round of golf at 6:30... Uh... Had a blast! Shot 85 on the Ocean shores course!
My daughter and her friend Jeni had a nice time kayaking on the inland canal!
Kayaking 9/2/06
Boy was fatigue setting in, we knew that many more friends would be arriving for a BBQ and campfire later, I was planning on performing a magic show. I became so tired that I went to my room and laid down for about 1 1/2 hours til the rest of the gang arrived. It was nice seeing old friends!
I performed outside after dinner, it was a helter skelter event as I had to hurry a bit as darkness descended about 8 pm... Just did get in the cups and balls!
Thank you, thank you....
Some of the guests knew I performed a bit from twenty years ago, Mainly in those long ago days I made a cigarette disappear using the magicians secret weapon, and the hot rods of course, little did they know... It was great to be praised afterwards by some, saying, "I'm glad you stuck with your magic."
Well so am I!
Still a Mystery evermore!
Drove home Saturday night, arriving home at about 12:30, yep, Had to, Our son arrived Friday while we were at the Ocean. He has finished up his training as a K-9 handler. His training was taught in two blocks. Each block receives a "Top Dog" award. Eric was pretty sure he had earned the honor for block 1 and thought he might also get it for block 2.
Well, he did, receiving Top Dog for both blocks!
K-9 training
He was also awarded a Meritorious Mast Award! ( Whenever the performance of an enlisted Marine is considered noteworthy or commendable beyond the usual requirements of duty) He has seventeen days of leave before leaving for duty at the Marine Corp Air Station Miramar in San Diego!
Sunday included going to Church services and after church just generally lazin around the house.
Got a lot done Monday though, rebuilt the stairs for the hottub, Mowed the weeds, Blew the sport court and driveway, smoked the tuna fish and cooked Salmon on the barby... Then off to work I go to get some much needed rest... Course I won't get to bed til about 7am Tuesday and that will make for another long run of about 21 hours...
Fishing Wednesday is in the plans as well as Thursday evening and perhaps Friday too!


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