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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Dinner Session

Fantastic is the only way to describe the session tonight at Scottys' and Ginas'!
I showed up early with an old Weber BBQ, and set up shop in their back yard. Started cooking the Salmon at about 6:45... Steve arrived with home made beans in a can and Jose showed up with corn on the cob in the husks.. The beans were awesome! Gina made a nice salad, (can't remember the name)
I forgot the smoking chips I like to use but everything went smoothly anyway. The Salmon turned out perfect, not to dry, not to wet, jusssssst right! We were joined for dinner by Clifton, he of Yo-yo fame, it is fun to watch him playing with his Yo-Yo when he thinks no one is watching... pretty amazin...
After everyone had their fill we got down to sessioning magically! We opened the floor for topics. Coins won out! Steve "Butter" Ameden led us in coin work. There is a reason we call him butter. Although He doesn't think so, he is smooth as slippery butter with his soft hands and coin manipulations. We worked on "one coin routines." Beginning with a coin production. Scotty had some nice pointers here. I introduced Ammars' teaching using the downs palm for a production from the ear.... Steve has a multi phase, one coin routine that is really SWEET. We all worked on it for awhile, Things like getting into back clip, getting out of back clip. Also the revolve load and steal from the palm. The muscle pass and using invisible string to make the coin move. Really! Invisible string!
We discussed things like timing, making eye contact, using sound to enhance the magical effect, how sound can kill a magical effect.
We worked on the friction pass and why you might want to use it!
Jose shared his two routines he has been developing, a coins across routine on the close up pad, and he has been working on Trans knee cation by Jason Dean. Looking good. Nice work!
Jose also performed his linking cards routine. Pretty weird looking stuff. Nice!
Steve worked with me on a bit of funny business using two corks and holding them between thumb and middle finger and getting them both apart without lifting the fingers from the cork... A childs gag but very effective and fun..That's butter....
To cap the evening, Gina produced a nice chocolate strawberry, whipped cream concoction. Quite magical actually!
It was a nice size group for sessioning and I think a lot was covered and accomplished!


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