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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Tonight's Dinner BBQ!

Went fishing yesterday morning after work.... By myself... Something peaceful about that! The water was calm, the weather was clear and hot. I fished the Redondo area just South of the boat launch. A little cove called Lakota... I was reading fish about 60 to 80 feet so I chose a depth of 70 feet... I got a nice strike. The fish fought well, I got it to the boat twice, but not within reach of my net... I noticed it was hooked through the eye, OUCH! It had a lot of energy and escaped with his life with a beautiful twist and pull, GONE... Put my line back in the water, at 7:45 I got a nother nice strike, watch me leap to my feet, grab the fishing rod, reel in the excess line from being hooked to the down rigger and set the hook... FISH ON! It's peeling line from the reel! Yahoo! Excitement builds as I wonder how big it is, will I land it? I have been losing so many fish lately that this is a real concern. Is my drag set loose enough? Is it too loose? Will the line break?
I have begun to question my fishing abilities as I have never lost this many fish before... He runs again, I love that feeling, the fish giving it it's all, peeling line from the reel, a marvelous sensation! I keep reeling, waiting to see my prize from the depths of Davy Jones' Locker! There he is 15 feet below the boat, Bright, shiny silver and purple rainbow colors. He is swirling in a circle, my hooks holding fast, still there is that bit of doubt... trepedition....
Finally I get him close enough to net, I dip the net, he pulls away, about ten feet of line, too soon, patiently, impatiently, I reel him in, again I reach with the net..... Finally secured in the net, I relax, exhilarated, a beautiful 10 lb Blackmouth!
Later, I lose another as my fishing day closes... Almost... But grateful for my catch!
It will be a fine meal tonight at the session at Scotty Walsh' place! SWEET!


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