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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Tuesday night magic session

Arrived at Scotty and Gina's at about 7:45. Boat in tow!
Scotty showed us his "sweet" table!Scottys' table
Steve arrived shortly thereafter and we began discussing Card fanning, much to Scottys' surprise Steve was quite good at it! Ginas surprise was evident upon her face as we three watched and learned from "Butter" Ameden. Now Scotty knows why we nicknamed him Butter! Steve has more tricks up his sleeve than a pumpkin seed vanish!
Next we worked on the Misers Dream. Recently Isaac Louie gave me a copy of his birthday party routine on DVD and we enjoyed watching that as he does a nice Misers Dream on it.
The evening was pleasant as we went thru Harry Loraynes' "Amazing Prediction" routine and worked a bit on false shuffles etc...
Jose called during the session and offered his home for next Tuesdays get together. Right on!
See you there!


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