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Monday, September 11, 2006

War on Terror

Today marks the fifth anniversary of the attack on the world trade center in New York!
What were you doing when you heard the news? I was driving to the golf course and heard it on my car radio. I didn't at first believe it. I thought it was a "war of the worlds" type hoax. I changed stations on the radio figuring that if true, it would be on all the other stations as well. It was. I immediately had a sickening feeling come over me. A ball of vileness invaded my stomach. I arrived at the golf course and had them turn the T.V. on. It was horrible.
I am disappointed in our country for the way we are carrying on as if nothing is happening around us. WE ARE AT WAR! And yet we act as if nothing has changed, we go about our daily routines with an American smugness borne of a false feeling of safety. These Muslim fanatics want to kill EVERYONE OF US! The president said to go about our business as usual. That would be best for our nation. In some ways I can agree and see the logic behind this, but in others I see it as absurd. We have multi millionaire sports athletes playing games for money, and fans flocking to watch their every move.These people have lost sight of reality! These sports figures and Hollywood types making millions from the great freedoms we all enjoy and take for granted. Don't they know there is a war going on. Seems ludicrous!
I Will Never Forget!
Why have so many?!


Blogger Ryan F said...

Dad, great to read your blog! I really enjoyed reading about Grandma and also seeing what you have been up to lately. I am going to e-mail you those pictures we got from this weekend, and also from visiting Diane. Love ya, Ryan

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