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Monday, September 11, 2006

Sunday 9-10-06

Spent the morning at church. Great sermon by Pastor Gerald Marvel. It was about faith and what that really is about.
Got home about 1pm and since I had taped the Seahawks opening game I sat down and used the fast forward button on the remote to watch it at high speed, the game was a defensive struggle, Hawks winning 9-6 over the Detroit Lions, last time they were in Detroit they lost in the superbowl. Some will say that they just barely won, I once heard it said it is very difficult to win on the road in the NFL. So we'll take it anyway it comes... That's what Pittsburgh did in the Superbowl, took it any way it comes...
My wife had family coming over for a nice visit and Salmon on the Barby! We used her fathers 40 year old Hibachi Pot that I salvaged from his garage.
40 year old Hibachi pot, smokin

Turned out great!
Salmon fillets
We enjoyed watching old slides of her family as children, many photo's never seen by my wife. We have many more to look through, should be very interesting!
Also, much fun was had playing ladder golf in the back yard!


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