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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Magic Monday and Golf Tuesday

i performed last night at Monday Night Magic. I was one of four.. When my turn came to perform I jumped up and got right to it. I told a story about my father in law who was a navigator during WWII and how he traveled extensively after the war as a navigator for NW airlines. It all lead up to doing the Chinese sticks. I have a really nice set of Viking sticks. I had a little girl come up and pull down on one of the strings and of course the other one went up as it should. I then had a young boy come up and it didn't work. I asked him if he had a credit card, this got a laugh as he was about seven years old. I asked him if he had a frog hair... this elicited a laugh as well.. anyway, it was a good routine and got the audience involved. I jumped into the Five Mystic Rings with a mention of my Mentor Tom Frank. As I was showing the rings as apart again, of course the key ring and one single were linked. I got a bit flustered and made a joke about this being videoed so we'll just edit that part out. Amazingly, this received laughter as well and a comment about "that's what Blaine does!" This did however cause me to hurry through the routine. After viewing the video, I realize it was no big deal and should still have taken my time. People said I did a good job, but I wasn't sure if they were feeling sorry for me or if it was true...
Afterwards I spent some time with a couple of friends that were in attendance and wowed them with some card work (thanks Steve and Tom).. A young University student asked me to do a card trick for him. I did the Biddle trick and blew him out! SWEET!
My friends were duly impressed too, Larry said, That was awesome. He repeated himself. I then did Zingone 12 card mental problem for him, again he was floored. A young boy of 13 took up about an hour of my time with the crazy mans handcuffs, hot rod and amazing jumping arrow. I finally excused myself from him and joined Steve Amaden, Roger Needham and Leslie T at the downstairs bar for a mini session of sorts. I did "WOW" for Roger and he was impressed. It was a good night of magic!
Went to work afterwards, moved an airplane, (737)
In the morning after work I joined some friends for a morning round of 18 holes at Elk Run near my home. It was a splendid day. Nice sun shine, and Mount Rainier was evident. I shot an 86 and two long bomb putts that fell, one for a birdie and one to save my par.
Life is good, get out and enjoy yours!


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