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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Balls, Boys and Sticks

MOnday was a loooong day at Gold Mountain golf complex in Bremeton Washington. About an hours drive from my home. Our foursome arrived at the course at about 6 am. Gold Mountain has two fantastic courses. The Cascade course, which is the older of the two and the Olympic course which hosted the Seattle amateur last year. We wre scheduled to play all day, lunch included! That is exactly waht we did, played all day, in fact we played 63 holes. Three complete 18 hole rounds and another nine holes which we played in a scramble format to make sure we got done before dark!
We laughed and agonized and simply had a blast! I remember one shot in particular besides the two chip ins and some great drives and long putts. I was hitting about a hundred yard approach shot. As I hit the shot, I heard a loud crack like the sound you hear when you hit a rock with a club, actually the head of my sand wedge was flying down the fairway. I was looking for my ball and somehow it ended up on the green about 12 feet from the pin. Amazing!
I am fortunate to be able to build and repair clubs. Today I took apart an old sand wedge and reshafted it onto a new head that I happen to have. Sweet!


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