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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Too Much Fun

Golfed Tuesday with Dan the man and a big fellow named Matt.
Dan is my old fishing buddy. Matt is 6'8" and works with me at Boeing.
We played Elk Run. Elk Run is a short track, but the price is right and it's near home, so I don't have to drive far when the round is over. I like that!
We had a blast! The weather was great and the company was enjoyable. I had two birdies and shot an 83. Some people call the course a pitch and putt because of the lack of length. Oh well, we had a good time.

Went to church Wednesday evening for our continuing learning on finding out what your personal spiritual gifts are. It was a good time as well. Afterwards there was a girl about 7 and her mother coming up the stairs. The young child was whining a bit about something... I asked her if she liked magic, she replied timidly, "yes", I produced my hot rod and proceeded to entertain her and her mom. Then there were about 5-6 people around so I asked her if she would like to see an illusion? She said, "yes"... so I gave her some rubber bands to hold and performed the crazy mans hand cuffs for her and the little audience. It all went extremely well. Everyone had fun, and left with smiles on their faces and little more bounce in their step!
Now that makes all the work learning magic over the years worthwhile!


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