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Saturday, June 09, 2007

The Effect We Have

In My in box:
Tim: Want a good laugh. It had been about 1 1/2 years since I played an 18 hole course. I had lost interest in playing golf. I played twice with you and went out and spent about $225 on three clubs.....lol. I can hear you laughing all the way over here. I hope you are happy....lol. I bought a Cleveland 3 & 5 wood launcher. I also have putter on order.
I have 4 complete sets of clubs from driver to putter. I have a total of 5 drivers and 7 putters. I have 3 golf bags....lol
I went out to Elk Run Thursday and Carroll kept score. He said I shot a 44 on the front 9 and 52 on the back 9. I still think I get tired on the back nine walking...lol. Back 9 is always higher. I think he added incorrectly..lol..because I lost four balls. That added 6 strokes to may score. I took the distance on 2 of the lost balls. I couldn't putt. That's why I ordered a new putter....lol. Did you know that Elk Run has a free stamp card. You pay for 9 and the 10th round is free.
Have you been out?...............Dan

My reply:
I am laughing...
It is your fault however, as I recall, you got me back into golf about 9 or 10 years ago and I have been playing ever since! Also, it is you again that is laughing at me... you are the one that brought a broken six iron into work and asked me to help you repair it... now I have about twelve sets of irons in my garage, broken clubs all over the place, under my boat, in boxes on shelves, about five golf bags and several pull carts... not to mention all the gadgetry that Tin Cup laughed at his female client about... heavy clubs, putting mat, Medicus driver and five iron that basically made my game go from bad to worse...
I went golfing Thursday at Auburn. I stunk up the place. I wasn't really even there...
My brothers funeral was last Saturday. He is on my mind alot. More than I thought would happen.
I am getting better in that regard though.
Look forward to seeing you soon and losing a few of my thousand golf balls together!
Your friend,


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