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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Going Thru The (E) Motions

Tuesday night I took my friend Jose up on his offer to join him in magic session. In attendance were Randy, Leslie and Jose. Later Roger showed up. I didn't take any photo's but did video Jose doing his egg bag routine. It was funny because Jose remarked that "You are traveling light tonight." Usually i carry in a big duffel bag and my magic case full of props. I showed up with a deck of cards. Funny because two years ago when I first started going to magic sessions at Tom Franks home, I wanted absolutely nothing to do with cards!
I told Jose, that I am cheating because if needed, everything is in my car!
Of course one thing led to another and before you know it I was headed out to the street to get my buskers pouch, cups and balls, and my magic case. We worked on the Vernon wand spin and wand thru fist vanish and the striking vanish for about half an hour. Leslie and Jose and I... twisting the wand, hitting our palms with it and laughing!
All Jose has been studying is the egg bag. Most prominently, Gazzo's routine. So with a bit of prompting we got him up to perform it. Jose has a wonderful childishness to his performing. I don't think he realizes it. He was off a bit with his patter, that's what happens when you first begin to do a new routine or trick. You finally get to the point where you want to do it "live" and there is this audience staring back at you. Jose had Randy come and help him as the involved spectator. I thoroughly enjoyed watching Jose perform. His chops are pretty good. I saw no telltale or conspicuous bulges. Just a few more (100's) performances and it will be flawless! Ha Ha!
We did some Crazyman's hand cuffs and discussed the various aspects of it. Leslie did a Sweet illusion with the rubber band wrapped around all his fingers and then slipped a ring onto his finger thru the rubber band. It was a nice fooler.I did Brother John Hamman's signed card for Jose and later for Randy. It is coming along. Sure don't get the same reaction from magicians...
I performed WOW for Randy, his response... Wow!

Wednesday Joan and I went to church for some information gathering about finding your spiritual gifts. I really didn't want to go because I have a Bible study on Thursday night as well. I am not prepared for the Bible study so I cancelled it. I am feeling somewhat listless these days as my brothers passing is still fresh. But we went to the Wednesday night church meeting and we enjoyed it. My wife is awesome. Tender and loving and beautiful. A sweet woman. We didn't pin point any gifts yet, but we will. I probably have the gift of a big mouth. If you look you might even see a foot sticking out of it! ;)

Thursday morning found me on the Auburn golf course at 6:30 a.m...
I met up with Dave Huffman and John (Walker) Mason...
I played terrible, stiff back, stiff neck, thinking about my little bro and life and.... It was mostly a forgettable day on the course...


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