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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Big Mouth!

Sometimes I crack myself up!
At jam camp I brought my new video camera, the nice JVC with a 30 GB hard drive..
I was video taping much of the proceedings and few fellow harmonica players asked if I could make them a copy... sure I said, well one thing led to another and by the end of camp I promised every harmonica player there a dvd...
Well, I video'd nearly 12 hours of the instruction and fun at the 3 day camp!
It took 6 dvd's to put all the video on... I will be making about 25 copies... you do the math and that's 150 dvd's!
I charged everyone about 5-10 dollars and got all their email addresses... recently I emailed everyone and they all sent their physical addresses. I went out and purchased 150 dvd's and 30 bubble envelopes!
I am not worried about losing any money, I am sure I got enough from all the people wanting a set... It's just funny to me how I get myself into these wonderful situations!
Burnin, burnin, burnin... keep those discs a burnin...
Rock on dude!


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