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Friday, May 18, 2007

Raiders of the Lost Ark?!

Last Sunday we spent the day going through many of my father in laws left behind possesions. Many, many boxes and papers and.... Albert was a navigator during WWII and after the war he became a navigator for Northwest Airlines. He brought home many exotic things during his travels. Most during the 1960's.
This is just one of the things we found,
an old beat up suitcase, something right out of a good mystery novel! But wait... there's more, What treasures might be lurking within??? As we opened it up...
you can see inside several boxes to look into, Oh what fun!
Here is what we found..

Beautiful vases from the Orient!
Old Rubix spy cameras that fit in the palm of your hand,
Rubix cameras were made by Sugaya Optical Works in Japan. The cameras are better made than most of the post war Japanese subminiature production and shaped like a tiny Leica. Unlike the earlier Rubix 'Inexpensive' and Rubix 'Deluxe' the Rubix 16 is 16mm camera using film in cassettes (in pairs, one for the take up of the exposed film). It is not a "HIT" or 17.5mm camera but is part of the family of Rubix/Rubina cameras.

Old lighters and rings and more!
Do you see the Zeiss-Ikon folding cameras in the pictures?


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