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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Boeing Flightline Family Day

This Saturday id the 2nd annual Boeing Flightline Family Day! Cool car show, Miss Elam Hydro plane, a band, and food, food, food! Oh yeah, and a magician will be performing for about two hundred people... That be me!
I am excited and a little nervous. But all will be well cuz I Believe!
I have a half hour time slot and am not sure if I will have a wireless mic or not. I requested one... we'll see. It will be a great opportunity to get some gigs and to simply perform!
I placed an ad on craigslist to teach magic lessons. I have received three emails from scammers overseas wanting to give their sons and daughters lessons. Funny but not funny. They want to pay via money orders, cashiers checks and always way more than your asking price. What happens is you cash their check which is a fake, somehow the banks cash them, and then they want you to take the amount you are asking for your product or service and send them the rest. I got offered $3500.00 for a $300.00 dollar gig. You get left holding the bag when the bank tries to clear the check and you've sent along the money thru a wire transfer.


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