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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

In my in box

Hi Tim,

Just read your blog. That was really emotional, beautiful.

I was going to ask you a while ago where "Flynn" came from. I only knew where Cosens came from and I knew Ray for a while before he got sick (or when I think of it maybe during his illness) I was at your house the day he died. I remember Janet and I were eating toast and your mom coming in to tell us. She was so so upset. A very sad day.

If it isnt too private, will you fill me in on why you took Flynn? I understand why you wouldnt want Cosens anymore. Or was it simply because that was "your" name?

You dont have to tell me if you dont want. Just curious. I got an email from a highschool friend that saw Ted's obituary and wondered if we knew him. When I told him who he was he didnt realize it was Ted Cosens cuz he ddnt know your guys as Flynn.

My response:
Ronda, I took the name of Flynn because it is my bloodlines.
When I filled out an application for hire at Boeing, they called me in for an interview. They told me there was no record of a Tim Cosens being born at that hospital and on that date. They send all applications thru the F B I.
So, I had to explain to them about my moms marriage etc.
Mom put us into school under the name of Cosens because she was so bitter towards our biological father that she wanted nothing to do with him, in fact, when he came to visit over twenty years later, she left town to stay with her sister.
Being a little shaver of 3 or 4, I didn't know any better until years later.
I had a choice to make. Either legally change my name to Cosens, which would have meant going to court and legally changing it for a price, or just going ahead being Flynn. We all eventually chose Flynn. I don't know why the others did, but that is my reasoning.


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