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Friday, June 06, 2008

Week End Fun!

Yesterday Joan and I spent a little $money$...
We finally decided to "pull the trigger" and get a new vehicle! Drove down to Hinshaw's Honda in Auburn and signed papers on a New 2008 Honda Accord. Hope it treats us as well as the Dodge Intrepid did! She is a beauty! The car too car!
My birthday in March was extended to today. That's pretty amazing! Ryan's girlfriend Myoko gave me a gift certificate for my B-day to Bahama Breeze in Renton. I took the day off last night because of many things coming to a head this weekend, like buying a NEW CAR! And I was performing Friday night, so what the hey... Joan and I took a little time out together and enjoyed lunch on Myoko! Thanks Myoko!

Well, when I was a little shaver, my mom wished on me kids just like me. Well my children turned out better than I ever was... but tonight I performed magic at Cutters point and I gotta tell ya, I met some kids that qualify as, "just like me!" Haha...
One young girl, age 12 told me before the show started that she used to be "all into magic." I asked her if she knew the golden rule of magic? She thought for a minute and then I told her, "magicians never tell their secrets." She nodded in agreement.
Seems during the performance she forgot all about not telling. Because of her previous knowledge, not that she could actually do any magic, but she had a bad habit of "letting the cat outta the bag." Whispering to her friend many times and often blurting things out. Maybe she was just excited, not that she was always correct in her assumptions, but it was quite disturbing. I did however slay her a couple of times and "proved" her wrong, that was good, but finally about 3/4 of the way thru the cups and balls I finally looked at her and said, "Hey, Please quit bustin' my chops!" I said it firm enough that she finally got the point. So did her mom. It was a good show, not great, but good and I earned my first "Hat." Yep, I asked for money for the first time from an audience. That was kinda weird for me. My first hat came to $21 and a $50 Coffee card from the owner of Cutters Point!
Better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick!
The lassoing a card went extremely well in fact, in spite of one rambunctious child it was a pretty good show!
There was a nice couple way in the back of the room, I had invited them to come back and see the show as they were purchasing coffee drinks about twenty minutes before and they did come back!
They were probably the best audience members there. By the time I got to the cups and balls, they were hooked, finally coming up and standing behind the main audience and really enjoyed the cups and balls and the torn and restored newspaper.
Hey, like Payne says, "sometimes the jokes are just for me!"

More thoughts on magic...
I have been reading a manuscript by Dan Harlan. It has me thinking a lot about my performance and putting effects in a proper order to first grab the audience, then keep them and finally, to totally astonish them by the end. Maybe my first effect needs reviewing and moving into perhaps the second slot in the show. Gotta wow them right off the get go...
I guess this is all a learning curve and part of the process. Growing, growing, growing!!!


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