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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

One on One with Jose

Met with Jose tonight, we tried to meet at the Renton Denny's. I got there and the place was overgrown with weeds. All closed up! Jose was already there so we drove up the road to Shari's.
Jose surprised me with a sweet Jeff Hobson Egg Bag. Very nice! A thick, sturdy bag with a red interior and a black exterior. Looking forward to trying it out!
We talked about magic in general, and staging and routining your repertoire. What to start with and in which order you might routine your effects.
Jose shared with me a very nice silk to egg routine he is working on. Actually I was the first one he showed it too. He is going to have some fun with that one!
He shared with me a really special wine bottle thru table effect, again, he is going to really enjoy doing that effect!
I shared with him a pretty simple card effect from the repertoire of Harry Lorayne from his book, My favorite card tricks. He picked it up pretty quickly!
The time went too fast, before I knew it I had to go to work where we build the worlds greatest airplanes!


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