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Friday, June 13, 2008

That Was Wonderful!

This past week was very exiting for us. What with the new car, -----------------------------------------------------------

magic around every corner, celebrating Ryan's 24th birthday and all...
Sunday Ryan and his friend Matt came over to share in the celebration! We enjoyed a BBQ'd steak dinner, Pickle ball on our sport court and Ryan opened a few gifts, and we had brownies and ice cream!
I payed for playing pickle ball with the youngsters with a swollen knee. Sometimes youth is served, but not that day. I showed the boys, (young men) what the meaning of "treachery and old age' is all about. winning four out of the five games I played! But like I said, I may have won the battle, but not the war! (Swollen Knee)

A fellow at work has decided to join in the magical journey. His name is Sandy, I shared with his fourteen year old son some magic about two years ago, sold him a set of Tom Frank cups and balls at a discount, and never saw him again. I was ever willing to teach and coach the lad...
Anyway, his father joined our shift for the next two months and decided to put those cups to use. It is interesting to see myself in Sandy when I first started this journey!
I am really enjoying the XM radio in our new car! I told the salesman that we probably wouldn't keep it at the time we bought the vehicle. We get it free for three months, how do sell a puppy? You let the potential owners take it home for a week, and see if their child will let you bring it back! Haha...
I am listening to a lot of music from the 40's and 50's. Music that I never had an opportunity to enjoy. Of course growing up, I would have eschewed that music as being old... but now, I find the opportunity refreshing. Reminiscing about the war era, listening to music from my mother and fathers time. Hearing what helped shape them into who they were. Quite interesting. The XM stations digitally tell you who is the artist and what the name of each song is, pretty cool! Ain't technology great!

Today I performed for the fourth time at Farrington Court Senior center in Kent.
It was a fun time. I was relaxed and did an hour of magic.
I performed Anniversary Waltz for a married couple. It was really touching when I had them repeat the words, "I do." As if repeating their wedding pledge. The two of course became one once again, and they got to keep a nice souvenir of the occasion.

The weather seems to finally (keep your fingers crossed!) be turning.
Sure hope so, we could use a little bit of the "global warming" I've heard tell about!


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