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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Two Seminars in the Week

Saturday Professor Gizmo, Gary McKibben picked me up and we headed North to Everett and the Dan Garrett seminar.

I had never met Mr. Garrett and was looking forward to it.I wasn't disappointed!
He shared with about 30 of us his beautiful work with one ring. Used in the "show" of his key ring during the linking rings. Very nice work. he moved right along doing many nice effects and teaching them afterwards. Some sweet work with a finger ring and rope. A really nice card effect with some great kicker endings. Nice sponge ball work with a nice piece of apparatus. A nice false shuffle that is really easy to do and nice force with cards that is rather simple to do as well. Of course everything looks simple in master magicians hands!
He has a really great linking pins routine.
He also talked and taught on the subject of routining a little, doing effects in groups of threes... sort of ties in with what Dan Harlan was teaching earlier in the week!
it was nice to see my friend Mark Jensen and of course some of the other magi I haven't seen for awhile.

These master magicians either inspire you or deflate you. Sometimes it is like, man, I could never be that smooth. Other times it is like, If he can do it, I too can learn it!
On the way home, Gary and I stopped for dinner at Rooters in Kent. A fantastic BBQ joint that is famous for their beans. It was a great meal.
Today, Gary and his wife Jean are driving to Kansas to live. It is closer to their family. While I am excited for them, I am a bit bummed as Gary and I were beginning to develop a really nice relationship.
We will keep in touch for sure!


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