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Friday, August 29, 2008

Been Awhile

I guess I owe it to the faithful three and a half who actually read this blog to post something new and recent on here.
I take heart in reading my friend Tom Frank's blog. He posts so often it puts me to shame.
Been kind of down about some things lately, like the fact that there aren't any fish in Puget Sound this year. The price of going fishing has sky rocketed and there aren't any fish to catch. Kind of a double whammer.
We went out fishing six times and caught two fish. That's pathetic. It wouldn't have been so bad had we at the very least been getting some nice strikes. A few nice hits or even the opportunity to feel the Zing Zing of the line peeling from the reel.

On another note. last weekend was the Boeing Classic at Snoqualmie Ridge. I spent three days at the senior golf tourny marshaling. I had a good time. It is amazing to watch these old guys golf. They still hit the ball a long way and really know how to play. I schmoozed some spectators while marshaling, hoping to get some gigs I handed out some business cards. I bet I'll never hear from any of them. Seems that's the way it works, or doesn't work. There are many houses aligning the golf course, Many of the residents had parties going on. One family brought me a nice plate of food. Brats and smoked salmon. It was all good!
The tournament was won by Tom Kite.
I have been constantly working on magic. Cards and coins and odds and ends. Reading Tommy Wonder's "Book Of Wonder" vol. 1. Good stuff!
I Perform as often as possible to keep progressing. Tired of making excuses. Mostly close up card stuff.Funny that! I never wanted to have anything to do with cards when I started on this journey. Now they're starting to actually feel good in my hands.
Soft hands Steve Ameden told me so often. Sometimes I amaze myself.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keep posting.

Soft hands with cards is the only way to go!

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