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Sunday, August 10, 2008


I took Thursday and Friday off from work! It was unplanned but needed!
I hadn't realized how much I needed a break from work.
30 years at Boeing. Every now and then a guy just needs to take some time for himself. Selfish time you might say. Or you might say "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!"
Went fishing Friday with our son Ryan in Elliot bay, it is now fish 4- Flynn's 0. Very disappointing as far as the catching of fish is concerned. I got to the bay at about 5:15 A.M. and it was crowded. I drove across the bay to pick Ryan up. We were in cell phone contact. He had to climb over a fence and down a barnacle covered ladder to get into the boat. Youth shall be served!
We enjoyed fishing for a couple of hours and I dropped Ryan off at pier 55 so he could go to work. I continued fishing til about 10:30 with out so much as a real strike. Have been out four times and have yet to get a real hit, something substantial.
There just aren't a lot of fish this year!
Later that evening I hooked up with my friend Dale and we took in a Mariners game. Outside the stadium we bought some Brats from Dales favorite vendor, a fellow named Edgar. Edgar owns a clothing store in Seattle and cooks food and sells drinks and chips along with dogs outside the stadium on game nights. I noticed a family of four and offered to do some magic for their young children. They loved the hot rod trick, but the crazy man's hand cuffs really wowed them. Not only were they impressed but several others that had gathered to watch were as well. Dale told me that several peoples eyes popped and some jaws dropped. That is what magic is all about!
Eye popping entertainment!
BTW, the Mariners lost to the Rays 5-3.
Sunday at church we enjoyed an inspiring sermon by Pastor Bill Vincent. Where is our focus? On our service to God? Or on our worship and praise of God!?
Seems to me that if our worship and praise of God are in the right place, our service to God will take Care of itself.
Later in the day I finally got back into our weight room and enjoyed? a nice work out. It's been over a month since I worked out. So, hopefully this will get me back into it!


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