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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Session and Fishing

Cups and balls was the topic of discussion at last nights session at Gary Smith's home.
It was a good evening of fun, video and magic!
Sandy Holt joined us as well. Jose performed two different cups and ball routines, His version of the Al Schneider routine and the Carl Andrews routine as well! Jose has some nice chops, just got to get him to believing it! I have enough trouble performing my one routine, I know Jose knows another routine as well. He has a wonderful child likeness about him.
We also rehashed Think, Touch, Turn and discussed many other things. I performed Gazzo's rising card from the deck for Gary and also Daryl's Cross of India. He liked them both and said, I have good stage presence... Hmm, maybe all those acting classes I took are finally paying off!

This morning after work I took our daughter fishing.
That is just what we did too, fished, and fished, and fished... nowhere did I say anything about catching...We saw only one fish caught from the many boats and anglers out on the Sound.
Katie likes to drive the boat and so I let her take us across the Sound to a different fishing hole. She forgot to remove her hat so the wind from our boat speed decided to help her... as I looked back, fully expecting to see her cap in the water, this is the site that greeted me... It turned out to be the catch of the day!
HAHAHAHA, her cap had landed in our net! We thought that was too funny!
A gorgeous day on the water!

The sunrise was tremendous!


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