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Sunday, August 03, 2008

It Worked

My little pep talk last week really helped.
I had two shows this weekend and both went great!
I let go of all my inhibitions and just performed like I know how!
The Friday night performance at Cutters point was excellent.

We had about 15 people who came specifically for the magic and some arrived to buy coffee and stayed to enjoy the performance. I rocked em!
I had a decent hat of 52 dollars. But more importantly, I think I found my rhythm.
The following day I did a birthday party for a nine year old and his friends and family. It too rocked, again I found my rhythm and left it all out there! It was great to mesh with the audience. Everyone was laughing and having a good time with the magic! This was kind of a milestone magically as it was really the first gig I did in a total strangers home. Think about that for a minute... Kind of trippy!
It is an awesome responsibility to carry the mantel of magician. This may be the first magician some people ever see.
About 7 children and ten adults. A nice mix. Made some nice green backs too for an hours worth of work, O.K. so with drive time to and from it was two hours, still, 85 bucks an hour is pretty good green. Better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick!
Later Saturday evening I got to enjoy one of my fathers day gifts. Joan and I went to Outback steak house for dinner on our kids. They got me a 50 dollar gift certificate for pops day! Nice time out relaxin!
Sunday after church I met Ryan in South center to see the new Batman movie, Dark Knight. It was really well done. It was sad to watch as Heath Ledger has died since he performed as the Joker in the film. He did a great job as the Joker.
After the movie we took in some of the new and improved Westfield mall. Wow! I didn't even recognize the place. Ryan and i visited a couple of stores...


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