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Saturday, August 16, 2008


The lack of fish in Puget Sound is extremely disappointing to me, I have found out some interesting things lately. A friend of mine is on some kind of Washington fishing board. He told me that the indians get all their fish from the state. These are fish that they raise in hatcheries. They are supposed to cut off the adipose fin on these fish just as the states hatcheries does. However the indians have no incentive to do this. It is estimated that they actually cut off less than two percent of the adipose fins from their fish. This is an ironic catch 22.
The sport fisherman is regulated by state law to release all Black mouth salmon with an adipose fin. This is because the fish with the adipose fin "must" be "wild" salmon. It is believed that these "wild" salmon must make it back to the spawning grounds to keep the species hardy and strong. But because the indians don't cut off the adipose fins from their fish, the majority of Black mouth salmon returning with the adipose fin still intact are actually hatchery fish.
Here is a fish with the adipose fin intact, you can keep these fish if caught in Elliot bay.
The dumbing of America continues... The indians must be laughing at you and me as we release hatchery fish just to be caught in their indiscriminate nets! Think about it! The more fish we release, the more that can be caught in their nets, hahaha...
I think it's high time we revisited the laws and regulations in regards to sport fishing in Washington state.
I have been out fishing six times this year and have caught two fish. Usually by now we have at least eight to twelve.I am not seeing many fish caught by other fisherman either.
Barbless hooks, Boater driver regulations, fish here, not over here, nets that have no knots... we are being regulated to death, yet the indians have no such regulations, every year, after the fishing season, you can see piles of the fish they catch rotting in piles along the river banks because they didn't sell all of them.
I think because of the casino's and the money that is brought in by gambling that it is time to revisit the fishing laws in our state. They were once for a good purpose, that purpose and time is long past.


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