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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Ickle Pickle

Wow! I had no Idea!
Got to meet a great American today. His name is Steve Bender.
I am proud of him. Why? Because he is one of those unique individuals who followed his dream and made it happen! A real cool story about how he got into magic and has been living his dream for over 40 years!
He is an inventor and magician. He builds top quality and loves to make people laugh and laugh himself.
I really enjoyed Steven's lecture. There were about 17 of us in the room and I only wish there would have been lots more people to learn and enjoy!
As I move along on this magical journey that really got started almost 5 years ago, I find myself wishing many things... Mainly that I had stuck with magic nearly 30 years ago when as a young adult I first got started in magic.
So much of the wonderful magic that Steven shared with us are the things one leans about when first starting out in the trade. Since I got a late start at it, I jumped over a lot of the beginning, foundational things that make one a natural at it. There is a lot of "children's" magic that I feel is beneath me. This is rather sad as the fact is, when entertaining children, hearing their wonderful, no holds barred laughter, you would think that that would inspire people to get out of themselves and have fun with it!
I think this was one of the funnest magic lectures I have attended. All his effects were geared towards children, but the amazing thing about it is, that everyone of them had the wonderful capability of bringing out the child in all the adults! Steven had wonderful stories to go along with his magical effects.
Money, yes, that thing we all want and need.
Steven Bender's Ickle Pickle products were not cheap. They were however reasonably priced. Well made and many by Steven himself! Very impressive. As you can tell by reading this, I take my hat off to anyone who reaches the pinnacle of their craft. Hats off to you Steven.
I should have spent 200.00 dollars... I could have out fitted a whole children's act if I had.
The challenge with attending these lectures I am finding, is that everyone of the lecturers are pretty brilliant magicians. And they give great lectures, but after the lecture they are selling their products. The problem is that people buy these great items with the greatest of intentions to use them in their show. The truth is however, that most of the "stuff" never gets to see the outside of a magicians carry case. Why?
I think the lecturer makes the items look easy to use and have wonderful scripted stories to go along with the effect. You get it home, and either you forget how it works, have other things to work on, or never figure out a way to fit it into your show. This is the bane of every magician, a closet or drawer full of good ideas and great intentions.
I am learning some discernment in this area, but it is a growing process.
Wonderful, simply wonderful!


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