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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Drivin along in my automobile...

I crack myself up!
I put some items on Craigslist recently, sold em both the first day! Nice.
One of the items is an old captains bed we have.
My son Eric slept on it and then Katie too.
Since we built Katie the hanging bed, it had to go.
A young woman in Magnolia emailed me wanting it.
Well, that is a 35 mile trip one way, so I charged her $25 more. She loved it.
The snow was deep in Seattle, not on the freeways but the side streets.
I amazed myself by attempting and conquering this street that seemed to go straight up for about a half mile. It is Dravus street. I really had no choice because I map quested the directions and, well, I saw no other way. There was a sign in the middle of the road stating the road was closed!
Well, I put the Tahoe in four wheel low and started climbing. About halfway up this monster hill I was really wondering, but I kept on drivin'.
I cannot believe I made it. I stopped at the top and looked back down the hill. WOW! There were several man made snow ramps on the hill. I avoided them all.
Gotta love four whell drive and decent tires!
I delivered the bed to a budding actress, Donnabelle Montrel. The bed is for her 18 year old brother.
I did some magic for them and really spooked her and her sister with the Biddle trick!
That trick has been a wonder lately!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas and a happy new year!


Oh, one more thing....the $124.00 Disobeying Traffic Control Sign ticket is in the mail! :)

3:16 PM  

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