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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Hairy Scary

Got a call last evening from my younger sister.
She has been having problems in her life handling life.
Not liking getting older. Missing the joy of freedoms enjoyed when we were young.
Not enjoying motherhood and being a wife, not liking being tied down financially, or responsibility wise either.
I know the feeling.
I got call last morning while at work to pick her up from a hospital in Everett. That was at about 1:30 A.M.
Snow was everywhere. Whatcha gonna do?!
I went.
About 10 miles into the trip, I notice red flares on the freeway, a jack knifed semi.
Asked the officers if they needed any help. Nope, they got it under control, no injuries. Slight detour.
I'm travelling about 45-55 MPH on thick, compact snow. Hardly anyone else on the highway.
Later, near Everett I notice an SUV passing me on my right, I am doing 55, the vehicle passes me and comes upon vehicle in his lane, decides to come back into my lane and immediately loses it, swerves back in front of the car he just passed, missing by inches, travelling about 60 MPH and right thru the barrier on the right and into a snow covered embankment! WILD!
I notified an officer about the accident about an eighth of mile down the road. Wild!
Picked my sister up and got home about 5:30 in the morning.
Thankful for safety!


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