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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Things I like to do

Snow time is fun time!
Gotta love it!
I like BBQing all year around, but for some reason I derive a perverse pleasure BBQing when it is cold, and snow is on the ground. Maybe I think all the neighbors can smell the wonderful aroma and I get to tantalize Em! Make Em envious! Ha...
Maybe I just love BBQed meat!
Well that's true too! :)
I like hot tubbin in the snow too.

It's like you're gettin' away with something!

I like Christmas music, and one of my favorites is, "Let It Snow!"
My favorite line is about sitting by the fire with my loved one!
Just like this!

I like driving heavy equipment at work in the snow too! Like a little child playing with trucks in a sand box!


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