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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Be Safe

Got woke up early yesterday, I had asked the wife to wake me before Ryan left. I thought it would be around two pm because he wasn't getting his vehicle from the auto shop til afternoon, or so I thought!
But she woke me around 11:30 am. after 4 hours of sleep. Middle of the night you might say!
The truck was loaded and ready to go. Stuffed is a better term!
He decided he didn't need to tow a trailer. All his stuff would fit in his Rodeo.
Well, that isn't exactly the truth. A lot of stuff is still in my basement. Like a double bed, a nice road bike, a nice BBQ in the garage, and many other odds and ends.
Guess he'll buy bed in Boulder!
His friend Marcus chose to take on some of the driving with Ryan. That is right on!
There plan was to take Interstate 90 to Boise Idaho, spend the night with some friends and then a long trek to Colorado.
The weather has been extremely wet lately. Rain has been described in the paper as a deluge. That, coupled with all the snow has made for some treacherous roads.
They headed out about 12:30 but had to turn around because Snoqualmie pass was closed due to avalanches. That cost them about two hours and a longer, more circuitous route.
Spoke with him about 10:15 last night and they were about an hour away from there Boise stop!
What an adventure!


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